bird view
inside view
along the water view
street view 01


Liepaja, Latvia


The Waterfront garden main idea was to create landform architecture in the area of the Triple Bridge Waterfront in Liepaja, Latvia.

The main emphasis was not on the building, but on the surrounding and the waterfront. It resulted in environmentally friendly architectural shape, which combines all functions in it.

The main inspiration derives from the characteristic landscape of the city and it was the main prototype for form creation process.

One shape, separated on two strands and, as a result, twisted in vertical and horizontal directions. In some places are holes, to make

connections through all the territory to the street and to the waterfront. Strands are going through all masterplan area, in some places they are lifted into the air, in some – go down to water, and cover waterfront in the upper level.

in collaboration with Mary Protsyk